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About My Little Prairie Home

Though I have lived in a LOT of different locations (cities, farms, mountains, suburbs, and even a foreign country!), the 'prairie' has come with me wherever I have made a home. Given the sparsely populated American grasslands, coupled with the worldwide enduring popularity of the Little House series as well as the resurgence of pioneer skills and values, I suspect I am not alone!

Though I have not grown up in a time of required self-reliance and hardship in an isolated prairie cabin, the ideas and skills, and even the hard-learned lessons, gleaned from a lifelong passion for and study of the Great Westward Movement, has profoundly affected who I am and how I choose to live.

I don't pretend to aspire to a life lived inside sod walls, miles from my nearest neighbor, and I surely appreciate the modern conveniences never even dreamed of by Laura and her family. But I will confess to hungering for as balanced a blend as possible between what the pioneers had (that we do not!), and enjoying the blessings of the modern age.

It's been an interesting journey. . .started in a tumultuous and dramatic childhood where I viewed the Ingalls family as idyllic and their western journeys utopian. As I grew older, I began to see the reality of the hardship and sacrifice and loss that lay right next to the Sugaring Off Dances and Dime Socials. I've spent a long time trying to figure out how so much love and contentment and purpose could possible live side by side with such difficulty and grief and lack. What I discovered has colored every choice, relationship and adventure I have ever had. And my passion continues to grow.

This website is simply a growing amalgamation of the many lessons, skills, resources and values, both practical and intangible, that I have learned along the way. I hope you enjoy this eclectic collection of information and resources and find something worth adding to your own life.

After all. . .sometimes the prairie is just a state of mind. . .