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Re-Purposing: What is it?

Re-Purposing is one of my very favorite ways to be frugal. Why? Because it marries many of my passions. . .saving money, doing my bit for the environment, thinking deeply about how we live in and utilize our environment, and being CREATIVE!

To put it simply, re-purposing is using something for other than its original use. Ideas are endless and can range from the very simple: re-using clean 2 liter soda bottles for your homemade laundry soap, for example. Or more complicated and skilled: turning an old door into a bed headboard.

Once you get yourself into the habit of thinking along the 're-purposing' lines, it actually becomes a fun, creative, thrifty process the whole family can enjoy.

Some of my favorite ideas can be found on our Pinterest Board, but here are some to get you in the mood:

  • Using antique doorknobs for curtain tiebacks
  • Carving used corks into decorative stamps
  • Using old pallets for shelves, headboards, planters or a porch swing!
  • Mounting old shutters on the wall for an adorable Organization Center
  • Old dresser pulls for coat hooks
  • Antique suitcases as an end table
  • Light bulbs as hanging vases