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Prairie Skills

Thankfully, we donít have to master the many, many skills of the pioneers to survive today. Often far from towns, stores, and medical help, homesteaders had to be farmers, hunters, meteorologists, carpenters, food technicians, nurses, veterinarians, wheelrights, and a host of other professions all wrapped into one.

Today, we can pick and choose the skills we want to learn. . .and we do it for a variety of reasons. Some are financialódoing things from scratch and for yourself is usually cheaper than buying new or paying someone to do it for you. Sometimes, itís from sheer curiosity and to feel the accomplishment of creating something with your own hands. And, sometimes, itís just because making foods and products and furniture, etc., by hand just means better taste, better value, and better quality.

Whatever your reasons, and whatever you are interested in, we have a GREAT Pinterest board full of various how-toís for a number of prairie skills. Take a look, and be sure to follow us . . . we are adding new skills all the time!