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Pioneer Lemonade Recipe

To be honest, I am not sure where I found this recipe. I scribble notes to myself wherever I go, and I love visiting historical places, so it could be that I came across this recipe at some living museum somewhere and didn't manage to write down where I got it. But I did write the name of the recipe, as well as the reason for it (as lemons were scarce on the prairie, this drink helped provide both refreshment AND numerous healthful benefits to the pioneers). It can be an acquired taste, though!



Mix together until sugar is dissolved.

Adjust to taste (dilute more with water, add more sugar, add more vinegar, etc.)


Note: I have been a fan of the benefits of vinegar for years, so this recipe was an interesting find to me! Google 'benefits of apple cider vinegar' and you will probably be converted, too. I use a natural vinegar that has 'Mother of Vinegar' in it (that's the sludgy stuff at the bottom of the bottle) because it has the most nutritional benefits. So this drink actually has very modern applications! I do recommend, however, if you drink any acidic beverage on a regular basis, that you use a straw to protect your tooth enamel.